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I started Bixby Peller a year and a half ago because I had clients for the past 6 years and didn’t have a brand. So I chose the name Bixby Peller and got a logo made. Then I made a website.  As I started developing brands for other clients, I realized I never made one for myself. How can Bixby Peller really be a cool brand building company who doesn’t really have a tone of voice, a unique visual style or key messages for itself?  How can I really tell others to get a digital strategy when I haven’t invested time in one for my own company?

So today I am pleased to share with you Bixby Peller’s new branding. Here is the moment when we shout out, “We are open for business” – come and see what we are all about.  Our speciality is helping create strategy, branding and developing digital properties.  It is our mission to make sure your brand looks good online. Your website, social media posts, newsletter,  ebook – all of it – should look great and offer amazing content.

What good is it if you are awesome in your basement? Get out there and let people know.  Be vulnerable, show who your brand really is. So, with that in mind here is a look at who Bixby Peller is – we are ready to get noticed and take part in the world outside of our basement.

PLEDGE TO CUSTOMERS: If you are a Bixby Peller client, then expect personalized service that is available to you whenever you need us. Expect cost efficient creative and clever services. Expect to feel like you have an awesome partner on your companies journey to growth, launch, customers. We are here to make you shine.


We’re flexible – no annual contracts

Our ideas are fresh –  sometimes wacky but always interesting

We are efficient – Get more for your dough

We’re available – Call us anytime, really, anytime

Adventure outside the box – offering a different experience

Not an Agency – This is not an agency

No Job is too small – It doesn’t take much to make us happy

We get women  –  Woman CEO’s and Companies with women as customers

We know how to start companies – Have an idea?  Call us


Quirky – Well isn’t that just the cats meow.

Real – Its okay to say the word sell

Flirty – Call me


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Bixby_peller_digital_agency_ad_burnt_toast Bixby_peller_digital_agency_ad_creative_rainbow Bixby_peller_digital_agency_ad_karaoke_website Bixby_peller_digital_agency_ad_navigate_consultant Bixby_peller_digital_agency_ad_think_outside_box Bixby_peller_digital_agency_ad_we're_flexible


Let us know what you think. Intrigued?

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