Zookies is a manufacturer of award winning children’s consumer goods, such as,  lunch boxes, placemats, cooking aprons, art smocks and baby products.

Background: Zookies was founded in 1999 by Ms. Jakobsen.

Scope of project: Consumer goods startup from idea to successful business. Operated for 12 years. Oversaw business strategies, partnerships, product development, operations, marketing manufacturing, employee management and social media.

What we did: Zookies sold 100 thousand+ products in over 1000 stores worldwide, including department stores, chain stores, museums, websites and catalogs. Zookies operated its own retail website, blog, newsletter and social media platforms (www.zookieskids.com) as well as operated three pop up stores and a larger flag-ship store in Los Angeles.  Zookies also had a classroom using curriculum developed by Ms. Jakobsen in the subjects of science, sewing, technology and art. Zookies products were manufactured in the US, Mexico and China. The most successful product was the chalk board placemats which are flexible mats that children can draw on while waiting for dinner. This products sold 10’s of thousands units, have been sold through out the world and have won several parenting and toy awards.





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