Woolspire.com is an online community of knitters.  It was built to be a self-sustaining community ecosystem.  This niche self sustaining community has everything a community needs: supplies, information, connection, recognition and products thus redefining eCommerce as a communal informational marketplace.

Background: Founded in 2013 by entrepreneur Esben Gadsbøll, who co-founded White Away, Denmarks successful home appliance ecommerce shop.

Scope of Project: Create a blogger collaboration strategy to help startup grow its community outreach and develop a new way for the company to operate combining eCommerce with social. 

What we did: The blogger collaboration strategy was developed as a way to grow globally by identifying key bloggers in select cities and partnering with them to grow their own territory by offering partnership opportunities.  This model was made to be successful in the first market and then take to any other market and replicate the same operational procedure to grow subsequent city.





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