Music Sense

MusicSense is an app that uses machine learning to analyze 100 aspects of listeners to create a personalized music feed. Based in Copenhagen, this startup came to us for branding and a marketing solution for hyper customer acquisition. Our strategies for growth included paid and not paid outreach. Analysis of current user behavior told us our golden audience was mainly 14 – 24 year old girls.

Background: Located in Denmark and Russia, this startup was founded as the second successful music venture by this team.

Scope of project: Establish brand voice, construct content and spread through every aspect of communication with the customer: ads, social, push notifications, newsletters and in-app messaging.

What we did:  Create creatives and messaging. Identify key audience and design ads for Facebook customer acquisition hyper growth campaign.   A/B testing of creatives to run a successful acquisition campaign in specifically chosen countries.


musicsense ad for teenage girls

teeanage girls in ad for musicBixby Peller digital client

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