Foodstirs confetti cake

Foodstirs is an internet startup, utilizing the monthly box subscription business model.  Foodstirs offers a six month educational program that teaches kids how to cook. Additional products are baking kits, mixes and special occasion food crafting projects.

Background: Located in Santa Monica, CA, and founded in 2012. This companies Co-founder is Sarah Michelle Gellar….capitalizing on the celebrity mom angle, it hopes to capture the family baking market.

Scope of project: Formulate startup from idea to launch.

What we did: Being a two person organization for the first year, Ms. Jakobsen was responsible for running half of the business. Acted as the COO, CMO, CTO, overseeing the product development, operations, website design, software development, strategic partnerships, marketing and social media strategies.  Worked closely with the CEO on development of business strategies and launched the website, blog and monthly boxes delivery service in July 2014.





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