Bixby Peller would like to invite you to listen to discussions on innovation and technology. Lora Jakobsen sits down with visionary leaders to discuss issues affecting business today. The program “Start It Up,”  has two series. Lora will look at the process from idea to launch from two perspectives. In “Technology and Innovation” series, exploration of what organizations can do to inspire, explore and foster new ideas into action. The series offers visionary leaders an opportunity to share insights into what they are doing in their own organization to foster innovation. Have they created an innovation garage or hub? Have they partnered with startups? How have they brought the agile and lean models into their organization? What methods have been successful and which have not? What compelled them to look at innovation as a major strategy in their organization. Did fear of disruption push the initiative forward or did technology enable them to act?  It is our hope to shed some light on innovation within larger organizations in a hope to help other organizations to be more innovative within their own organization.

The other series is called “Tips in Ten”, which is 10 minute conversations with business owners.  Topics discussed are also geared from idea to launch but from the angle of a small business. Is innovation easier? Or do both types of companies settle into business as usual? When does disruption or technology require action?  Why and how they got started, what is their business strategy, is it innovative from the outset or do they need to look into new initiatives and change strategy now due to technology or competition. What are some of the biggest issues they face and how have they been able to solve these challenges. It is our hope that actionable tips that other business owners can use will come from these discussions. The discussion lasts ten minutes. So even busy business owners can get value out of the conversation in a short period of time.