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Bixby Creative House offers a wide range of design services: Logo’s, digital design for development, brand boards and ad creation. Scroll down to see a few examples from recent clients.

Facebook Ads


Branding Boards


Website Design 

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Special Software Development


Video Production

We work with clients to develop a concept, storyboard, ad messaging or story development.  Our team handles all aspects of production from pre-production through shooting, editing and delivering a finished product.  To book a meeting give us a buzz +45 60 87 2882.

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Photo Shoots

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Content Marketing & Writing

We help clients by integrating an in depth content marketing strategies that aligns with the clients marketing goals. Through Bixby Creative House we workshop with our clients uncovering together their key messaging, define goals, pin point outreach targets, segment content and messaging to each audience. We handle all aspects of the content from copywriting, graphic design, photography and video creation.





2016 Trends in content marketing

B2C marketers are getting better results with Facebook, which is the social media platform they use most often. This year, 66% rated it effective (vs. 58% last year).

There’s been a shift in the paid methods that B2C marketers use to promote/distribute content. Over the last year, the use of promoted posts, social ads, and search engine marketing (SEM) overtook print/other offline promotion as the paid method that B2C marketers use most frequently to distribute content.

B2C marketers are putting more budget toward content marketing. This year, they’re allocating 32% of their total marketing budget, on average, to content marketing (vs. 25% last year).*

You’re not alone if you don’t have a written out strategy for content marketing.  Only 37% of marketers say they do. Since it is a trend where we are seeing more dollars spent, it might be a good idea to invest in writing down your strategy.  In the report it shows that marketers who have a written content marketing strategy are more effective and successful at reaching their customer acquisition goals. Only 13% rate their programs as sophisticated.

We help our clients create content marketing strategies, produce the creatives and implement access to drive exposure.


Contact us if you’d like help created a content marketing strategy.

*According to a report published by the Institute for content marketing.  To read the whole report click here.