Coding Laboratory

What Coding Offers
Computer coding for kids is becoming an essential skill that all children should be taught. Coding teaches cause and effect, critical decision-making, and instills a sense of accomplishment for children when they create something from nothing.

Getting Started Coding
Understanding basic coding language and phrasing is easy with free online classes. But with the multitude of offers, how can you know which is the best place to start? And where to go next? That is why we have developed curriculum that is easy for parents to guide their children through, with no experience necessary you can learn along side your child. If you prefer to create a group class in your community, we can provide a coding coach to teach your kids coding. In many instances we even offer private coding coaching in your own home. To learn more about all three options available for kids ages 5 – 14, please see our course packages and read more about the programs we offer on

coding laboratory

How Early can Kids Learn Coding?
Most experts agree that coding can be introduced as early as the preschool years. “Coding is similar to reading, writing and arithmetic in terms of its symbolic and communication qualities,” says Camille McCue, Ph.D., author of Coding For Kids For Dummies. “In this regard, it’s appropriate to begin introducing coding concepts at the same time these other preschool concepts are learned.” ( Quote from Huffington Post article )

Why we do this?
We set up Coding laboratory to help spread the word about things we can do as parents to get our kids involved in computer coding. We help facilitate opportunities to create a coding laboratory in your own community or at your own home. We provide an easy to follow course study that you can do with your kids, a group of their friends or introduce to your child’s school teachers. There are multiple resources online that are free for teachers. Please contact us and let us know how we can help bring computer coding to your child and your community.

3 important skills to prepare your child for the future
As parents, we want to understand where the world is heading and how we can help gets our kids be prepared for the unknown jobs of the future. What we can do is prepare them by introducing STEM basics and encourage problem solving/critical thinking, think outside the box solutions and understand spatial awareness.

Problem Solving comes down to teaching your child to think critically — to observe, analyze, and come up with smart solutions to complex dilemmas….being able to think through possible scenarios asking “Why?”, explore multiple solutions asking “What if?” and find the answer to these difficult questions… and then communicate the process and outcome it clearly to whomever you are talking to.

Thinking in 3D or spatial awareness encourages kids to visualize an object and how it fits into the space that surrounds it. Kids use this skill when playing sport like soccer when they think about how the ball can fly through the air and make it into the goal. STEM learning has principals which encourage children to image an object in their head and manipulate how it moves, utilizing basic math together with spatial awareness.

You’ve probably heard the expression, “think outside of the box,” well what that really is encouraging children to do, is to think like an engineer. An engineer is taught to first identify a problem or question, brainstorm solutions, formulate a plan and finally, put it into action.

We can’t wait to decode the complexity of programming and show your child that anything is possible.