Brand Personality

Brand Personality

  • Explain in one sentance

  • your elevator pitch: who you are, what you do, why you it

  • most important products/services? what products/services will never be offered? how customers would describe the brand? where it will be in 5 years?

  • (emotions, when visiting the website, seeing your logo, etc)

  • The reason why your company came to be? - Meaning behind the name? - How your product came to be What types of customers find value in working with your brand and why?

  • (quality, products, service, feel, etc)

  • Create a detailed profile of your ideal customer :: Clothing, income, music, friends, style, etc.

  • (customer service, relationship, quality, etc)

  • Check up to 10 that apply
     Accessibility Accomplishment Accountability Adventure Affection Affluence Ambition Balance Calmness Challenge Creativity Dependability Comfort Commitment Compassion Efficiency Experience Expertise Family Flexibility Fun Generosity Grace Honesty Integrity Knowledge Learning Loyalty Mindfulness Originality Perfection Prosperity Recognition Reliability Security Stability Success Spontaneity Understanding Wealth

  • Choose up to 10
     architectural athletic bohemian bold calm casual chic classic delicate detailed dramatic earthy fierce formal fresh funtional geometric glamorous industrial modern natural nautical organic quaint rebellious relaxed romantic rustic serious sophisticated tranquil urban versatile vintage whimsical wild

  • Select colors that describe your style best.
     GREEN :: Fresh, Growth, New, Money TURQUOISE :: Healing, Spiritual, Protection BLUE :: Trust, Security, Strenght, Loyalty PURPLE :: Luxury, Ambition, Royalty, Imagination PINK :: Playful, Feminine, Happy, Compassion RED :: Love, Energy, Desire, Excitement ORANGE :: Courage, Friendliness, Confidence, Success GOLD :: Wealth, Wisdom, Valuable, Traditional YELLOW :: Warm, Energetic, Intelligent, Humor TAN/NUDE :: Dependable, flexible, conservative BROWN :: Earth, Outdoors, Longevity, Friendly SILVER :: Glamorous, Hich Tech, Sleek, Graceful BLACK :: Protection, Dramatic, Classy, Formal, Elegant GREY :: Security, Reliability, Solid, Intelligent WHITE :: Goodness, Fresh, Clean, Pure, Easy, Innocent