Bixby Production House

Videos are taking the internet by storm.  Ten years ago you needed a website to compete, 5 years ago you needed an app and today well you just need a video. Just a video you think, hah, if it were only so easy.  We don’t have the budget to make a video.  But the truth is it is more important that you have amazing creative ideas than a huge budget.

Blow are some of our favorite videos made for very little that have gone viral and increase brand awareness.  These small businesses took risks with their content to stand out in a seas of average content promoting and marketing a brands products.  The creative process must come from the desire to tell a story to connect with your audience.

We help our clients to tell their stories by creating visuals that spark curiosity, surprise engagement and delight watchers to embrace the brands we work with.

Contact us to book a creative session and unlock your brands potential.

We offer full production packages and deliver a completed video.

The Process

  1. Put together our brightest creative with yours to brainstorm and conceptualize production ideas. Bixby Creative House looks into brands persona and how best to connect with its customers.
  2. A concept is chosen.
  3. A budget is made as well adjustments if necessary.

The team

We deliver creative ideas, story boarding. prep and shoot day, director, producer, crew, camera person, sound recording, music, editing and titles.

Viral Videos

Alphabet Photography
Alphabet Photography surprised holiday shoppers with an on-the-spot performance of the Hallelujah Chorus. This video has received 49 million views.

Blendtex wanted consumers to know just how tough its blades were and created a series ” Will it Blend?”  Their videos went viral with the first one being viewed over 18 million times.  Of course blending an expensive Ipad is provolkative but they also leave the consumer certain that if they buy this brand it can get the tough jobs done.