About Our Process

Method… Bixby Peller seeks and discovers before strategizing and implementing.  An information gathering session is arranged to get answers to these type of questions: Which pain points need to be solved? What passion can be sparked? What underlies the true need of your customers? How can this be expressed through a digital presence? Social, website, app, software? What should we build to achieve this? Answers to these type of questions are the core foundation for the strategies we present to our clients to grow their businesses.

Product… Utilizing lean methodology and agile development, our development scrum teams work in the most popular CMS’s for building software, Apps, websites and MVP’s for fast and efficient testing of ideas. Our project owners keep development on time and budget. Our copywriters deliver authentic branded content to create connection with our clients customers.

Clients… We have built an expertise in businesses that cater to women or kids as end users. We are drawn to help these businesses because as women ourselves we know this demographic intimately.  Whether it is creating new solutions to make moms life easier, better and more fun or helping women owned business, we strive to provide dynamic and engaging support to drive businesses to succeed.

Expert Global Team… We have extended experience in ecommerce, websites and software development, customer acquisition, social media and content as a solution. Collaboration is the soul of this company, building a reputation for understanding, implementing and achieving success for our clients.  Each client is matched with an expert team lead to personally assure a collaborative process and delivery of the best digital product possible. We are based in Copenhagen and Los Angeles. Our development teams are based in Poland, Russia and India. Our SEO optimization and UX expert as well as our creative directors and graphic designers are based in Europe. And our content creators, analytic and advertising experts are based in the US and Europe.

Customer Acquisition… We utilize innovational marketing, social and blogger outreach to acquire customers, increase page views and drive social engagement for our digital clients by offering solutions that are both explosive and sustainable. We offer strategies which can be implemented across paid, owned, earned and partner media.