Bixby Peller is a full service digital laboratory collaborating with our clients to grow their businesses. We help our clients to navigate the digital world. Working mainly with American and European businesses offers us the knowledge base and experience to amplify our global perspective and deliver optimal digital solution and products to our clients.

Bixby Peller seeks and discovers before strategizing and implementing.  We help clients discover which pain points they can solve for their customer…what underlies the true need of their customers…how can this be expressed through a digital presence…social media, website, app, newsletter.  What should we build/design to achieve this? Answers to these type of questions are the core foundation for the strategies we present to our clients to grow their businesses. 

To be innovative and progressive advisors to our clients, we feel it necessary to engaged with our peers, be up to date on the hottest trends, follow who’s raising capital and know the latest marketing and social strategies and tools.  So we travel the globe to speak at conferences,  network with startups, listen to the great minds of today and connect with our clients. Providing global vision and sharing what we have learned is the best way to keep our clients forward thinking and achieve successful endeavours. Click here to read more about our speaking engagements and conferences.

Click here to read more about our process and how we develop highly potent customer acquisition strategies and achieve successful influencers and partners outreach.  

Read more in depth about how we have helped our clients by reviewing our client projects.


About Our Name


Bixby Peller is named after the amazing Bixby Bridge on Pacific Coast Highway in Big Sur, California.  Lora grew up in Palo Alto.  On weekends her family would drive to their beach cottage in Carmel. Crossing Bixby Bridge was always breathtaking and demanded your attention.


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