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I am so excited to announce the pre-sale of my book called Start it up! The road from idea to success. This is a book almost 20 years in the making. I first started consulting startups  in 2009, after the birth of my two sons. I had already run a successful business myself for 10 years.  The many hats I had to wear as a startup founder, gave me a breadth of experience that I wanted to pass along.

But it wasn’t until 2014, when I moved to Denmark where I was able to pull everything together that I had learned for the past 15 years working with startups.  I began mentoring startups through Startup Bootcamp, Venture Cup, The City of Copenhagen municipality and the top two Universities entrepreneurial programs.  Over the past 4 years I have advised over 50 companies in all stages; from people with an idea to companies who needed growth initiative to organizations poised for scaling. Through interviews with founders, researching the hottest startups and real world application of strategies,  I have discovered the critical 10 steps that all founders should take before embarking on a new venture.

Starting up a business is a substantial commitment. It takes years to be successful and there are so many obstacles founders face.  But what if you could start it up with a better chance for success?   By spending time now before you start it up, you’ll save hundreds of hours and a truck load of money.  These critical 10 steps I walk you through in this book, can help you avoid mistakes, create a community, and build a sustainable business.

Real world experience combined with the latest business theories and tools, creates the perfect practical guide book to take founders and really, anyone who wants to start a business, through critical startup steps to give you a better chance for success.

Place an order now to get the book shipped to you in July, 2018.  I can’t wait to help you start it up!

Enjoy a sneak peek of the book including the table of contents.

Lora is an experienced business executive specialising in strategy within technology, growth and marketing. She has extensive expertise in the U.S. market and specialises in customer-focused initiatives. Lora has advised over 60 startups; taking founders from idea to market. Lora is currently the CEO of Bixby Peller Digital Laboratory, a business consulting firm and digital agency helping organisations launch, grow and share their story. Bixby Peller collaborates with their clients pushing the boundaries to deliver immense impact and long-term business value. Lora has been successful utilising design thinking to bring value to clients and leveraging her knowledge of agile development building MVP’s with partners in Poland, India and Sweden.

In Denmark, Lora has had the pleasure of working with well established organisations and people such as Egmont Publishing, Nykredit, Alm Brand, DR, Future Navigators and Soulaima Gourani. Lora mentors startups at business accelerators and universities through CBS, DTU Skylab, Venture Cup, Startup Bootcamp and for Københavns Erhvervshus. Besides working with Danish organisations, Lora helps launch startups in “Silicon Beach,” Los Angeles, helping found Foodstirs a startup by celebrity founder Sara Michelle Geller, Tot Squad recently funded, Right Lessons with LA unified school district and Design.Luxury. She also works with established companies on digital presence, defining new revenue streams through digital and marketing solutions such as The Fresh20, The Pump Station and Eva Franco.

She founded four startups Bixby Peller,, and Zookies. And owns stakes in several other startups and She began her first consulting firm in 2010, working with Plum District, a VC backed startup in San Francisco and Project Nursery, A New York based user-generated content community. Lora grew up in Palo Alto, the heart of the Silicon Valley, her first job was working at a microchip and circuit board company.

Lora will receive her Executive MBA, Management Technology in June 2018 and in 2017 received a certificate degree in Innovation from UC Berkeley, school of engineering. She received her bachelors from New York University.

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