How to invest in Startups

Investors are 5 times more likely to invest locally. 

How to Invest in Startups

Gust’s SaaS funding platform provides all the tools entrepreneurs need to manage their startup funding process, from pitch to exit.

This is a two sided platform for investors looking to invest and for startups looking for investment.  As a startup you can upload your pitch video, describe your team, connect with investors, and manage your post-investment relationships.

Gust brings together everything entrepreneurs need to connect and collaborate with investors.

Become an Angel Investor

Gust lets you search by location and type of company.  Most investors invest near by their homes.  It allows them to feel connected to their investment, lend advice and be involved more closely if the company is near by.

Gust was founded by David S. Rose and it’s investors have already funded 1800+ startups. He wrote a book specifically for a very specific type of business starter: the entrepreneur who is deliberately setting out to create a scalable, high-growth business designed for the twenty-first century; a business that will hire employees, issue stock options, raise money from outside investors, grow rapidly, and eventually either be acquired by a larger company or “go public” through an initial public offering.

Interested in reading more? Buy his book

Start you own angel investment portfolio alone with with Friends.

Want to invest close to home or in a budding startup ecosystem you have heard about?  You can search by industry or location on Gust.  

Find companies you want to invest in through Gust and even us theme to manage your processes. Gust offers the tools accredited angel investors, venture funds and startup programs need to get the job done. Whether you’re an angel investor group syndicating a deal, a venture fund vetting a big investment, or a startup program connecting investors with top startup talent, Gust is designed for safe collaboration.

  • Discuss Deals

    Send direct messages, receive email notifications, and maintain a log of discussions to ensure everyone’s on the same page.

  • Track Deals

    Organize and track deals effortlessly from one page using customizable workflow tools.

  • Review Deals

    Gust makes it easy to review new deals and track investor interest.

  • Share Deals

    Invite people from outside of your organization to review, advise or join a deal.

Or try a platform that finds the companies for you and you can invest in their fund.  

OurCrowd is a leading online venture capital platform for accredited investors who wish to invest in Israeli and global startup companies. Managed by a team of well-known investment professionals and led by serial entrepreneur Jon Medved, OurCrowd selects opportunities, invests its own capital and brings these startups to its accredited membership. Members can then choose the deals that they want to invest in, allowing them to build robust, diverse portfolios of startup companies.

Check out the video to learn more about how to invest in startups from Israel.


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