Bixby Peller LogoBixby Peller is an innovative digital laboratory working with clients on projects that propel their businesses forward.  Through innovated digital solutions our mission is to help bring ideas to life, whether for digital solutions, growth initiatives or social engagement. Strongly based on analytics and future trend spotting, we collaborate with our clients, pushing the boundaries to deliver immense impact and long term business value.

Recent Projects

Our clients span from Los Angeles to New York and Europe. We offer clients the vision, strategy and implementation to make their ideas happen. We help small and large companies identify and launch new revenue opportunities, create strategies for boosting social media engagement and offer complete business and digital solutions for starting up a new company or initiative.

See what we were able to help these businesses achieve.

  • Lora makes you feel as if you are working with your best friend. She is the consultancy industry’s answer to the Christmas calendar – every day bringing a new cool surprise to the table. She has an international mindset, is extremely well-connected and knows how to create flexible solutions that fit well with a world in constant motion. She has a professional understanding of value creation, and knows how to deliver high value within a budget.

    Ceo Future Navigator, Anne Skare Nielsen
  • Our startup outsourced the CMO position to Lora and could not be happier with the results. Lora has a sharp business mind with a penchant for metrics, and an equally dynamic ability to conceptualize and execute on creatives. She is always working proactively to improve our results. Full of energy and a positive attitude, Lora and the Bixby Peller Team successfully helped us define our desired users, design a Facebook campaign, lower our acquisition costs, and strategize a tiered marketing plan that we are very excited to implement. Lora has become an integral part of our team, and we are grateful to her for preparing our startup to reach the next level.

    Kidü Chief Editor and Director of Content Strategy, Shana Burg
  • “I met Lora during Startupbootcamp Accelerator program in Denmark. After the program, I reached out to her for help in social media marketing and launching our app. She put forth an incredible effort, brought on board a digital marketing team, oversaw creatives and developed our go to market strategy. Lora is a trusted advisor, who really gets sh*t done. It was so fun and at the same time so knowledgeable to work with her. “

    MusicSense Ceo, Olga Sklyar
  • Lora Jakobsen knows startups. She brings deep industry knowledge, a rare ability to talk to startups on their own level, so they can execute the advice they get, and experience from an ecosystem that scales small startups into big companies. I’ve had the pleasure of working with her when she was a mentor at Startup Bootcamp and for several years now. I strongly recommend her.

    Program Manager Startup Bootcamp, Nick Hawtins
  • “Lora has excellent digital skills and she has the ability to define strategies and make them happen. Lora is a very likeable person and I can highly recommend her.”

    Egmont Publishing Digital Director, Jesper Hansen
  • “If you need something done and done right, ask Lora to do it. Lora is an insightful, creative and passionate professional who tackles every project with enthusiasm and brings innovative and actionable ideas to the table. She is a visionary, an innovative thinker and a doer.”

    MomAngeles Founder, Laura Nix Gerson
  • “Lora helped Tot Squad launch into New York City, a key strategic market for our baby gear services franchise. She consulted on PR and social media so that our launch events went viral. Couldn’t recommend her more highly!”

    Tot Squad Ceo and Founder, Jen Beall Saxton
  • “We leaned on Lora’s retail and product development experience when we knew it was time to create a new revenue stream that would allow us to expand upon our core business. Lora was a true partner in this expansion project of ours; offering creative ideas and making herself accessible at all times.”

    Project Nursery Co-founder, Melisa Fluhr